Action strategy to promote the ICON network and increase use of the system by developers.

  1. Get votes
  2. Involve valuable community member for tasks to promote ICON
  3. Start international campaign – “HOW TO” ,  “ WHAT IS …. “
  4. Initiate meetings with communities around our candidate and potential users
  5. Start to implement ICON to our platform showing the use cases for most used online platforms

2019 – we will concentrate on multilanguage blogging, research and increase our community members who can earn ICX for task which will help to spread the ICON NETWORK


2020 – build, build, build –  DID use case and implementation, DEX – use case for everyday user and implementation, Know How decentralize your platform

The Motive for Our Activities

If we exclude speculative motives among NEWLY acquired users and replace them with technological inspiration, the mood and degree of fascination with the project should change ICON into the most popular SMART CONTRACT platform next to ETHEREUM.


In order to achieve our goal, we will use ICON to build an Internet platform that will use


– Decentralized ID


– Smart Contract for Decentralized Platform Government


Our unique strategy allows for presentation to the world of HOW TO USE ICON to build decentralized social / information platforms


From the beginning of ICON technology use to completing the construction of the platform, we will describe and show USE CASE in detail, which in our opinion will result in a radical change in the image of ICON in the eyes of potential customers, and can be used on a huge scale to provide a massive increase of new users of the ICON platform.



– Supervising network security through constant control and protection of the server

– Increasing the recognition of the ICON brand

– Presentation to the world of HOW TO USE ICON to build decentralized social / information platforms

– Taking action initiated by the ICON community through a simple vote on our social media channels

– Community consensus building through engaging in our work

– International introduction to Icon Network

Multilanguage Content Marketing

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