We are creating a channel on Telegram which will aim at a free discussion of people interested in our candidacy. We will try to regularly analyze your conversations, select the most popular questions and publish them in this place as well as through social networking platforms.

After analyzing the community conversations gathered around the existing candidates, we want to take steps to eliminate from our circles all unconstructive statements not related to the project or our candidacy, as well as all manifestations of racist hatred and disrespect for other community members.

We have also decided not to take an active part in discussions with our supporters, but to hold regular meetings to discuss topics initiated by community members. In this way we want to optimize our time invested in the development of this project. We would like all supporters to try to be guided by similar values, we are open to criticism, but if it is constructive. We are not afraid to raise existing issues, but we want to regain the positive atmosphere of Blockchain technology, which has been destroyed by money, fraud and deception.