Who are we and what can we do to get a place in the congress?

Blockchain Specialist title gained in Zurich Business School, allowed for evolution from a passionate to a competent specialist, and also allowed to look behind the curtain of the theater that takes place before our eyes. Several years of experience gained from participating in international projects has given me a deep insight into the crazy world of blockchain, Bitcoin and the new economy that is taking over the whole world.

Both the advantages and disadvantages of this technology have pushed me to engage even more, to try to restore a climate of a few years ago between community members from around the world, to work together, to act in good faith and develop towards a direction in which people will benefit, not corporations.

Manifest-ICON is also a protest against defraudation, abuses, frauds, which has taken over most of the environments associated with cryptocurrency.

Manifest-ICON is a candidate representing people, not corporations.

Manifest-ICON is an opportunity for enthusiasts of the ICON project, faithful supporters, who have not received any other opportunity, to get involved in the project then to engage their hard-earned money.

Manifest-ICON gives you the opportunity to engage your energy and skills to build up the ICON network and support the project and to monetize your work.


Wojciech Waszczuk – Switzerland

                                                                       Founder, Team leader